Getting Started

This is my first post ever in my entire life! I am turning to this blog to use as an outlet to share the journey that I am on. That is of ensuring I live a life as unprocessed as possible but still manage to survive the everyday realities of someone who has a family and full-time job. I’m sure I’m not alone out there and maybe we can all learn from one another.

This was my second week back to work from the holiday break. I am in the mode of trying to restore balance back and return to a routine. Why…. Well, with the holidays, I can’t say that I stayed true to my eating template as much as I wanted. It started with just one bite of a cookie and before you know it was pizzas and cakes and cookies, and gravy with ahmm flour… and the list just goes on and on. You see, I’ve been eating paleo/primal since March on and off and I know this is the lifestyle for me so there is no doubt that these choices were temporary, but wow trying to get back on track has proven tough!

So here I am working on restoring the balance in my life so I can resume the way of eating that helps me feel the best. Anyway, I have been working on cooking more and re-stocking the fridge with food that works. One major accomplishment I had while I was off was to clean out and organize my pantry. Woohoo! Check it out…..


Over the past year I have accumulated a number of spices and I finally got them in order and I threw away all the nasty expired junk that didn’t belong in there. The kicker will be to see how it will last, but hey for now I will enjoy my success of getting more organized.